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Marina Zimmerman
Marina Zimmerman
Personal Trainer

My name is Marina Zimmerman. I am 31 years old, a mother of two teens (14 and 12) I have been married for 15 years.

It has become my goal as a personal trainer to be known as someone that understands, struggles of everyday motherhood, marriage, and just being a women. It is my commitment and desire to teach, mentor, train and guide women in a way that they can maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Remember, it only starts in the gym. I make it my goal, to prepare you to be ready, for when you leave the gym. For the times you are alone, feeling discouraged about yourself, struggling with your will power. I want to help you not only as training coach, but as someone that will prepare and enable you to start implementing proper meal planning, scheduling to make time for the Gym, which most of all means a little time for yourself.

The benefits to your health, marriage, love life šŸ™‚ will become apparent within weeks. I have been passionate about fitness all my life, but after having two children and having your body change in many ways. I realized I had to step up my game. I began weight lifting right after I had my 2nd child, I saw my body completely change and take on a different shape. This took time, yes! But believe me. With the right encouragement and mentorship this is something that you can do!

Soon after I had started working out, I had decided on trying to see how I might do in a drug free fitness competition. I then was sponsored by my friend to go to Las Vegas for my first competition. I went with the great group of girls, who have supported me and opened up the doors to the competitive fitness world for me. I took 4th place in the Fame World Tour in Las Vegas. 5 months later I competed in Fame BC Tour and took 1st place in fitness model and 3rd place in Muscle Model. I have been competing ever since and currently have found my favourite drug free federation NPAA, in which have placed 1st and got pro card in fitness model and figure category

I am a certified Personal Trainer and have been training clients for the past 6 years. I have created a core group of clients which I would and should refer to, as some of my closest friends. This job is a passion for me. I want to help women who have struggled with the same things that I have struggled with. I want to empower you to conquer the bad habits, encourage you to keep on going o10n! I want to push you to your limit, so you know what you are capable of. I want to prepare you in a way, that when you leave me, you are ready to carry yourself proudly, confidently and independently. I will train you in a way that when you are ready, you can walk into a gym and know what to do, when to do it and how many you should do it. Fitness Training is a skill that someone should learn, it is a very complex network of programs and nutrition management. This I will teach you.

This is my desire and absolute commitment to you
I am always there, a text message away, a phone call away, I will stand by you every step of this journey. This is the only way! I can promise you if it is needed, our relationship will not stop when you leave the gym.

CPR & First Aid Certified
BCRPA Certified Weight Training Instructor
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

MOSSA Group Power Instructor



Emily Adams
Emily Adams
Personal Trainer

Hello! My name is Emily Adams, and I am excited to help you on your fitness journey – whatever that may be. As a teenager, I discovered the world of fitness. Although, I didnā€™t know at the time that it would turn into such a huge passion in my life! I grew up living a very healthy and active lifestyle, as my parents were both very health conscious, and raised me to be the same. They taught me theĀ importance of nutrition and exercise, which successfully translated into my adult years, and shaped my lifestyle today. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a Competition Prep Coach, and an International Bikini Competitor. I proudly display constant discipline, dedication, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. To me, living this type of lifestyle is a gift, and the best part is being able to motivate and inspire others. I thrive on the idea of helping people push themselves to realize their true potential. Which in turn helps them to break barriers and make real changes that resonate throughout their lives.
For training inquries check out my website:

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Instagram: @emmybikini
Facebook: Emmy Bikini Consulting

Nicole Hall
Nicole Hall
Personal Trainer

Hello my name is Nicole Hall. I am a fitness professional exclusively at West Coast Iron who is looking to share my love and passion for fitness by exploring new experiences and inspiring individuals to be the best that they can be. My mission is to bring a better understanding of total health and wellness by educating my clientele on proper nutritional information, mental health and physical fitness. I do this by sharing valuable knowledge and personal experiences that will guide you on the path to attaining your goals.

Please feel free to follow my IG @nickib.fitness for more daily fitness posts and to set up a consultation / inquire about training packages / seeking a meal recommendation guide / or interested in online coaching please email me at nicolehallpt@gmail.com

Cody Heinrichs
Cody Heinrichs
Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Cody Heinrichs. I’m a Private Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach and own my business called MP Fitness. I have 3 years Kinesiology at UFV. I’m BCRPA certified and have been training people for 8 years. I’ve coached 100s of clients to Stage for Bodybuilding, Bikini, Physique and Figure. Coached many Clients to Overall Titles and Class Wins at all level of amateur shows.

I also compete in Bodybuilding at the National Level. I personal train people full time, and do it 7 days a week because I absolutely love helping people reach there goals whether it to be on stage or just to lose weight or to live a healthier lifestyle! Whatever your goal I can help. I put alot of heart and passion into each one of my clients. Working out of West Coast Iron only opens more opportunities and let’s me work more and be the trainer I want to be for my clients. Take your training to the next level join me at MP Fitness! Let’s get you started on your journey to success.


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Email: c.heinrichspt@gmail.com

Website:Ā www.mp-fitness.com