About West Coast Iron

WEST COAST IRON was born out of the unfortunate closing of a gym we all knew and loved. We didn’t want to go work out anywhere else. As serious gym goers, we just couldn’t settle for a health club, or a big box corporate factilty.  We realized that in order to find the gym of our dreams, we would have to build it ourselves.  That realization, combined with the fact that so many of our friends and associates kept telling us they didn’t like the fitness club they worked out at.

So many complaints about overly corporate facilities, packing the gym with thousands of members, not caring about broken equipment, and lack of personal touch, all kept adding up to one thing. We needed to open a gym that would be the alternative to those places. A throwback to the old school gyms, where people found community and made incredible changes in their lives. That nostalgia for a real gym, combined with the best equipment, and the newest elements of modern gym culture, made for a very unique project.

We are excited to share our gym with you, so get down to WEST COAST IRON!