Cody Heinrichs

Cody Heinrichs

Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Cody Heinrichs. I’m a Private Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach and own my business called MP Fitness. I have 3 years Kinesiology at UFV. I’m BCRPA certified and have been training people for 8 years. I’ve coached 100s of clients to Stage for Bodybuilding, Bikini, Physique and Figure. Coached many Clients to Overall Titles and Class Wins at all level of amateur shows.

I also compete in Bodybuilding at the National Level. I personal train people full time, and do it 7 days a week because I absolutely love helping people reach there goals whether it to be on stage or just to lose weight or to live a healthier lifestyle! Whatever your goal I can help. I put alot of heart and passion into each one of my clients. Working out of West Coast Iron only opens more opportunities and let’s me work more and be the trainer I want to be for my clients. Take your training to the next level join me at MP Fitness! Let’s get you started on your journey to success.


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