What type of gym is WEST COAST IRON?


WEST COAST IRON is a real gym. No pretension. No pushy sales people. No complicated contracts or extra fees. You get a handshake, a fair deal, and an awesome environment to workout in. Locally owned and operated, and not tied down by any corporate franchise models, we are able to provide a unique facility, reminiscent of the old school gyms. Where everyone supports and encourages each other across all levels.  From the first timer, who is just learning how to lift weights, to the elite level lifter who requires heavy duty, top-notch equipment.


I tried signing up online and had a technical problem. What should I do?

First off, we apologize for any inconvenience. Most of those issues have been fixed. If you are still having an issue, try switching to your mobile device. You’re also welcome to just come down to the gym and sign up in person.


What kind of music do you play?

We mostly play rock, hard rock, and some hip hop.  Some old school stuff, as well as newer music. It’s very hard to please everyone, but we also don’t want to be like the health clubs that play generic top 40. We believe music is an important part of the atmosphere of a gym. The music must be energetic and motivational. We want our members to walk into an upbeat, high energy environment. We understand most people wear headphones nowadays, but the music in the room is still important to set the tone.  We sometimes do theme nights from 7 or 8pm to close. Power Hour on Friday nights is an example of that. We look forward to having fun with theme nights in the future.


Do you have personal trainers?

We have several certified trainers here at WEST COAST IRON that can help you reach your goals. Our trainers are independent, and set their own rates and hours. You can browse them on our website here.

We believe that our independent trainers offer a far more personalized service than the in-house trainers provided by large health clubs.

Do you have Child Minding?

Yes we do. Weekdays 9am-1pm, and again 3pm-7pm. We are exploring the need for weekend hours as we collect feedback from our members.

Do you have a shake bar, or any food?

Yes we have a shake bar, stocked up with fruit, peanut butter, oats, and all your favourite flavors of whey protein. We even carry vegan protein.  We are also teaming up with local food prep companies, so you can grab fresh, ready-made meals to go.

Can I buy supplements at your gym?

Yes we have a fully stocked Maxximus Supplement store inside the gym, so come down for all your supplement needs.

Do you have group classes?

Yes we do. Please check our group schedule for the current dates and times.


Does this gym have anything to do with XClub Fit?

No. When XClub closed, everything related to the old gym ended. We are a brand new company.